A day of pure happiness for Ashish who is suffering from DMD  “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”. Tied to a wheelchair for the past 5 years and with a limited life span he was delighted to be able to join his friends in a swimming pool and feel the freedom of the water. His smile says everything.


JungeTwo new kids joined the NAG family and can now enjoy regular meals, their own beds and having many new friends.

All  27  NAGers were able to celebrate passing their final 10th exams. They can now look forward to further studies in their chosen fields. Congratulations to all!

30 Students from ISZ ( International School of Zurich) visited  NAG and Nicole who graduated from ZIS in 1987

Foundation member Philipp Inauen completed his Asian trip in NAG. This trip is documented. (A very interesting  report including many new NAG pictures.)   [button url=““ size=“l“ color=“gray“ new_window=“0″]Das Finale[/button] 


IMG_0567Just before completing this news we received  very sad tidings. NAGer Shanti died as a result of a severe  epileptic seizure. She was found in the streets of Kathmandu by NAGer Gopal and bought to NAG  Severely mentally disabled and unable to communicate, she was accepted by all children who cared for her. Shanty you’ll be missed and your extraordinary story will be included in the chronicles of NAG.