19 years ago Nicole Thakur – Wick founded  Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) “Home of New Hopes for Streetchildren” in Kathmandu Nepal.

On Sunday 8th July she was present  for the foundation’s annual information event for sponsors and interested public in Langnau a A. Helpers informed visitors about life in Nepal and NAG with a variety of information and photos. A selection of Nepali articles were also for sale. An assortment  of delicacies and drinks were enjoyed at the hospitality stands, including  Momos, a Nepali speciality.

Foundation member Philipp Inauen recently back from a 4 week visit to Nepal and NAG, presented the Home, showing his latest photos and recounting his impressions of NAG.

Following this Nicole talked about various Home children explaining the, sometimes tragic, reasons they came to NAG. Apart from Street children  she sometimes takes  other desperate cases who without her help, would have no chance for the future. For example, Arpan a crippled young man who was only able to crawl using his hands  now has his own wheelchair and is totally integrated in NAG and the school, having the same chance as all the others.

After Nicole’s fascinating stories , foundation’s project member Heinz Sulzer informed those present about past and future projects ie: the recently completed girls dormitory “Sola” and how to improve the home’s electricity capacity.

NAG is financed from donations and special sponsors. For larger projects we have been very lucky to have special funding from private donors, firms and schools.

Finding sponsors for individual children is not always easy and at present we have approx. 20 children  (mainly boys) without sponsors. However some of the people attending the event spontaneously decided  to sponsor 5 of the children . We were especially happy that Arpan, despite his disability, has found a sponsor.

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[big_text]The foundation members wish to thank all the helpers, without whom we would not have been able to present this eve.[/big_text]
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