Nicole Paris

Following a birthday celebration in Paris (a present from Frederic Perrier Foundation vice-President and godfather of her daughter Kim) Nicole arrived in Switzerland for our 19th annual NAG event in Langnau a A.  Her annual visit to Switzerland , sponsored by the foundation gives all supporters the opportunity to meet her personally.

 This event was a success and can be seen here:   [button url=“/wordpress/en/2013/06/nag-event-2012-2/“ size=“l“ color=“gray“ new_window=“0″]NAG Event 2012[/button]


During her absence NAG was run by Nicole’s deputy Surjay Tamang, one of the first streetchildren who has grown up in NAG. Together with his team they coped admirably despite a variety of emergencies apart from the myriad of daily duties. He had to arrange Shanti’s funeral, dismiss a teacher (after consultation with Nicole) organise knee surgery for Ajun after his football injury and plan a trip to India for Chambel to represent family at a funeral.[divider type=“fading“ /][big_text]Once again we are happy to see Nicole’s slogan Nepali for Nepal being  successfully realized in NAG.[/big_text][divider type=“fading“ /]The foundation sends many heartfelt thanks to Surjay and his team.

The Nepali newspaper reported NAG’s success in the Kmd. basketball championships. Congratulations to the NAG team including Sandesh, Rohit, Sanju, Bina and Laxmi.

The Niten Memorial School is now officially registered to tutor students up to grade 12. Previously we were only registered up to class 10.

A Spanish volunteer couple commenced music classes, including Irish music.

At the end of July Frederic Perrier held another earthquake training exercise, something he has carried out since the beginning of NAG. The NAGers are now well aware of the dangers and emergency measures to be taken when our NAG warning system is activated.