Nicole’s return from Switzerland she discovered to her dismay that the foundations of one of the old school buildings were sinking due to the construction of the nearby High rise apartment building. 

IMG_0571This made an immediate evacuation necessary. The children were moved to emergency school rooms in other parts of NAG.True to character, she immediately reacted and planned the building of temporary schoolrooms on the border near the Munot building.

Unfortunately a long-standing border dispute with a neighbour escalated and now will have to be settled in court Consequently she now has to find a Lawyer to represent her claim.[divider type=“fading“ /]

[big_text]Nicole we wish you much strength in this difficult time.[/big_text]
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12-09-new 6class roomsThe temporary school building is now being erected in the playing area. The old building now demolished, will be replaced with a new stable construction.

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[big_text]However we do have some positive news to add.[/big_text]
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 On 1st September all NAG celebrated its 19th anniversary with a party.


NAGer Manju Basinet a fashion design student had her first show modelling her own designs.

2012-09-11-Nikon 081

Manisha Tamang X-NAGer finished her hotel management studies and now has a job in Abu Dhabi.

2012-09-11-Nikon 085

Deepa Mainala obtained her Bachelor in Business studies. She is now teaching in NAG and studying for her Masters.

2012-09-12-Nikon 057

Seema Tamang reached the top 15 in Miss Teen Nepal and in the talent section, a place in the top 5.


Three new girls were taken into NAG Twins Nilam and Nimila and their older sister Nova.

2012-09-21-NAG 2802012-09-21-NAG 279

[divider type=“fading“ /][big_text]A special event for NAG was the visit from a group of students and Principal Dominic Currer from ISZL (International School Zug and Luzern).[/big_text][divider type=“fading“ /]

2012-09-21-NAG 573ISZL is a major sponsor of NAG since many years. They spent a week interacting with the NAG children and also helped some slum dwellers of Kathmandu by transporting used roofing material from NAG to give them more stable protection from the elements.Many thanks to all our friends of ISZL and hoping that you’ll return to NAG in the near future.