The demolition of our damaged school building continues. The background of the photo shows the neighbouring highrise apartments, the construction of which caused the sinking of our ground level. Consequently we now have to construct a new building. 

IMG_2264Now erection of  provisional  schoolrooms is in progress. Lower picture shows beginning of construction on children’s playing area.

[divider type=“fading“ /][big_text]A special travel group visited NAG during a stop in Kmd[/big_text][divider type=“fading“ /]

On Oct 15 a special travel group visited NAG during a stop in Kmd., resulting in a most generous and welcome donation. Their very interesting  Homepage mentions this visit  [button url=““ size=“l“ color=“gray“ new_window=“1″ icon=“download“]The storie (in german)[/button]


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October the month of Dashain always involves special family rituals and celebrations. This is the most special celebration of the year as described by Soran (who was taken from the streets 19 years ago, grew up in NAG and on completing his education studied Hotel management and now works at a hotel in Dubai)

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[big_text]“I guess it’s been 6 yrs that I have not properly celebrated Dashain. Today I really feel bored and missing Nepal a lot. But I wish all my family and friends enjoyed a lot. Especially our NAGers….any cheers guys!”[/big_text][divider type=“fading“ /]Two streetchildren ( boy Kamal and girl Juli) were very lucky. They were picked up from the streets by the police and taken to a home which was closed, so they then brought them to Nicole and  she’s taken them into NAG. Nobody knows their ages, names  or where they came from!