At the beginning of November x-Mr.Switzerland Andre Reithenbuch visited NAG. Not only the girls but also the small children were impressed by him and his friendly personality.


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[big_text]Ohm Thakuri produced a short Street Life” film[/big_text]
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  (NAGers as actors.)


[divider type=“fading“ /] [big_text]The new school building was inaugurated[/big_text] [divider type=“fading“ /]

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[big_text]In November the winter season began and all NAGers received warm clothing.[/big_text]
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The NAG soup kitchen team also distributed warm pullovers and jackets to the street children.

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[big_text]Other short news[/big_text]
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Basketball alleThe final basketball tournament of the year with teams from various Kmd. schools was held in NAG.  The NAG boy’s team won while the girls team unfortunately lost.


Usha KC one of the first NAG school children to finish her Nepeli education,has now completed her BA Studies in Australia. Visiting NAG she also donated money to the home, as she has done for many years from Australia, giving another positive example of what our children are able to achieve.

hochzeitSita and Raju married on Christmas day and celebrated with a large party in NAG  All children enjoyed a “special” spaghetti meal,  wedding cake and a disco in the evening.


They were also given special bags with the logo for NAG’s 20 year anniversary,


Some innovative NAGers collected money and baked pancakes for all 200 home children as a “treat”. This without any help from adults!