2011 was yet another eventful year in NAG. 27 new children were taken into our home and 40 day students joined the School. Some departed for various reasons (further education, marriage, independence, family pressure to support parents etc.) Now NAG supports 200 in our home, 150 day students and 350 in local government schools.

In January Nicole’s father Nick Wick and Heinz Sulzer a foundation member visited NAG. Heinz installed equipment in the carpentry workshop and Nick installed the earthquake warning system.

Sadly, on his return to Switzerland, Nick was diagnosed with cancer and died in July. His passing leaves a great void. The NAGers miss their Grandfather “Pop”. However, the NAG „family “continues (in his spirit) and is filled with much happiness. The home principle continues with the stronger helping the weaker and every child having duties within the home. Our NAG nurses and medical students are kept busy caring for a variety of accidents and illness (Pneumonia, TB, DMD, broken bones, appendicitis, etc.).

Also in September Nepal experienced a 6.8 mg earthquake. Luckily NAG is well trained and equipped with the alarm system and medical team.

Last year 29 students graduated from class 10 (SLC) and 17 from class 12. Some are now working as teachers in the school while others continue studies in medicine, nursing, art, electronics, veterinary science, hotel management, commerce, agriculture and civil engineering. Bikash our civil engineering student was also working on the construction of the new girl’s dormitory. Among past NAGers, three weddings and one birth were celebrated. The NAG basketball, football and martial arts teams have been winning tournaments in Kathmandu. The NAG band remains a source of entertainment and has also been invited to play at outside venues. Our workshops continue with carpentry, mechanics, pottery, coking etc…Visitors to NAG are being served coffee in our home made cups.

Thanks to donation of Swiss sewing machines and instruction from a diligent volunteer many NAGers, boys and girls, are now proficient. Another gifted NAG student has taken over the art workshop.

NAG’s “mobile soup kitchen“ continues providing warm meals twice a week in various areas of Kathmandu and so maintaining contact with the street children. Some of these children have now found their way into the home. Most of them manage to adjust to our more „structured“ way of life, where all children have duties and responsibilities.

We are happy that many travellers, sponsors and students have visited NAG during the past year, experiencing the lively home atmosphere dining and interacting with the NAGers. These personal contacts are a vital form of PR as when returning home, some recount their happy experience in NAG. All this would not be possible without your loyal support, remembering NAG in times of tragedy, sadness and happiness. With such help we can continue giving our NAG children a chance for the future in secure surroundings.


Nicole and her NAGers thank you for your trust, your support and send wishes for a Happy New Year