Dear friends, sponsors and supporters of NAG

20 years ago Nicole (23 yrs.) went to Nepal where she met a group of street children who did not believe or Dream of their future. She had a Dream that if only one of them finished school and had a chance for a good future, she would be happy! Today that dream has been realised above all her expectations!

This dream was only made possible by the many loyal supporters who have helped us throughout the years! There have been a variety of disasters to overcome. These have been personal, medical, official, geographical, residential etc. Despite these drawbacks Nicole with her loyal NAG “team” have coped in their innovative, undaunted way. NAG today remains a happy secure home with a family ranging from a one-month old baby to energetic emotional teenagers to the grown, mature university students. Many of them do not know their ages since they do not know their birthdays.

As well as the 200 children living within the security of NAG, an additional 150 day scholars from the slums attend our school where they are also given a nourishing lunch (for most their only meal of the day). Space in the NAG school being limited, it also supports 4 surrounding government schools, paying the fees for 350 extra children from destitute local families. As is in any large family, there is a variety of “personalities” and daily life is never dull. All are expected to follow the home rules. Since many of the children were physically abused, Nicole forbids any kind of physical punishment. Offenders are punished with extra house work like washing dishes etc. Medical emergencies, not able to be solved within NAG, are taken to Kathmandu hospital where they’re accompanied by another NAGer as “family carer”. Kath-mandu hospitals do not provide food or medicine for patients. These have to be purchased in advance outside the building. With 6 NAG girls studying nursing there is always medical help at hand in NAG

Our school ranges from Nursery to SLC (school leaving certificate = class 10) and since May 2012 upgraded to higher secondary school (class 12).Some of the NAG’ers continue further studies with bachelors in engineering, sociology, mass-communication, journalism, hotel management, medical, teaching etc…

In the past 20 years 179 NAG’ers have passed SLC and class 12. Some are now married, have children, jobs, their own business, and are living independent lives.

Among NAG’ers who have chosen studies abroad, Usha (Australia) graduated as a BA, and Raju (Bangladesh) topped his class in first year Medicine while Sapana completed her final year Medicine and hopes to study Gynaecology.

There are also NAG’ers working in Dubai, Kuwait, London, Australia, America etc. Many of them returning to Nepal for holidays visit NAG giving an example to the present children to what heights they also may reach. Many donate to NAG and one sponsors a child.

As well as scholastic success there are Kmd. sporting events where NAG Basketball, Football and Taekwando teams continue to impress with their achievements. Even Arpan born with Phocomelia (without legs and disfigured hands) from his wheelchair is showing a talent with a basketball and is NAG champion in table tennis! With his sunny disposition he’s an inspiration and favourite with all, especially the smaller children.

The many travellers personally visiting NAG also people here and abroad, remembering NAG in times of joy and sorrow and a variety of events contribute to the continuation of our Home, giving all its children the chance of a better future.

On behalf of all the NAG’ers, for helping make the NAG children’s Dreams come true…many thanks and a very happy New Year 2013

Nicole Thakuri Wick

[box color=“red“ icon=“info“]NAG 20th anniversary celebrations in Switzerland to be held on 23rd June 2013 Later information on homepage.[/box]