Recently a group of 32 motivated NAG students and staff felt honored to be able to participate in a clean up campaign organized by the European Union in Nepal and CLEAN UP NEPAL.
For some of us, it was our first time visiting the Shivapuri National Park. For all of us, this experience together left a lasting impression on our mind and spirit.
Here are a few of the students’ takeaways:
– One important lesson I have learned based on this experience is that we should not throw waste anywhere because this will not only affect human beings it will also affect the animals and birds.
– We should start from ourselves cleaning and others will also follow us.
– I have learned that nature heals us and is always kind with us. It’s time we give some love back to nature.
– This excursion had me thinking about how ignorant we can be even if it’s a small thing especially our attitude towards wastes and management.
– I might have left my wastes in open areas before knowingly or unknowingly however from now on I will not be doing such thing as leaving my trash behind if I go on excursion or traveling . And I am ready to help clean up more areas if not now than never I guess………
– I should take care of nature because it is part of us. Without it we are nothing.
– I’ve learned to be more connected to nature.
– This experience has made me feel like the environment of Nepal has been polluted due to our selfishness. So we should clean our environment daily and should throw wastes by segregating in the respective dustbin.