Visiting the Kathmandu Triennal

The Kathmandu Triennial took place from February 11th to March 31st. On March 29th, a few students from the NiMS visited the exhibition as part of an excursion. The Kathmandu Triennial is Nepal’s leading international platform for global contemporary art and is presented in 5 different locations in the Kathmandu Valley. Entry was free. The NAGers really enjoyed the excursion and hopefully will benefit from it for their own artistic work. If you would like more information about the exhibition, you can find it here:

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NAG’s Mobile Clinic is in action again

After a dificult drive, due to bad weather and bad roads, the clinic made it to Nuwakot where the people had been waiting desperatly. They checked over 200 patients. Cases ranged from minor to more serious skin problems, chest infections, high blood pressure, new babies etc.. We also gave out face masks, made by the NAG Tailoring team, and Nepali made biodegradable sanitary pads. The NAG Nurses explained and talked to the girls about their periods. We are very proud of the amazing NAG clinic team!! Talking about the period Asking them about their [...]

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...that you made your way to Zurich to attend the NAG event for the first time at its new location in GZ Heuried. The anticipation on our part was enormous and so was the excitement. We all did not really know how many supporters of the children's home were to be expected this year due to corona and the surprise was great that well over 100 people showed up. A look at the fight against COVID-19 in NAG was the theme of this year's event and Nicole Thakuri-Wick impressively told us how NAG has dealt with all the challenges [...]

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Art Exhibition in NAG – a joyful distraction

During the last school year, our three art teachers Anjali Tamang Theeng, Gyani Tamang and Nikki Rai taught art to students from kindergarten to 10th grade. With the resulting works, they now held an exhibition at NAG, which was visited by everyone with great interest. On the photos you can admire some of the amazing works of art. We are very proud of all the big and small artists. Art and creativity are very important for education and problem solving in life, which is why we place so much emphasis on them at NAG. Most schools in Nepal lack art [...]

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Food Distribution during Lockdown number 2

The government announced an extension to the lockdown. It has been 36 days of lockdown 2.0. During this stage many poor people couldn’t work. With no work there is no money and no food. In Nepal there is no unemployment money from the government. NAG, as part of the “Covid Alliance for Nepal”, has helped open isolation centers, helped with oxygen distribution for the poor and become an ambulance service for desperate cases. Whenever needed, we are there to help. But now the biggest need is food. NAG has always given out food to the one we knew needed [...]

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The NAG clinic is in continuous use

Since 2014, NAG has been running the mobile health Clinic. It is registered as the NAWA ASHA GRIHA CLINIC with the Nepali health ministry. With a small team of one doctor (Dr. Raju Khatiwada), one head nurse (Sang Dolma Lama) and three junior nurses, the small NAG Clinic situated within NAG provides medical help to all of its students as well as the community. With our 4-wheel Jeep, the NAG clinic team visits remote villages in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk. There, it provides basic medical help and teaches the locals about hygiene and family planning. After the earthquake in 2015, [...]

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Graduation and Holi – what a month it was!

With the new month, the warm weather started to arrive in March. Classes continued as per usual with the day scholars and kids living in NAG back in their classes. Safety measures are still being taken as the vaccine has not been available to us yet. Teachers will hopefully be getting their vaccine soon in order to ensure their safety against the Covid 19 virus. In other news the graduates of grade 10 and 12 finally got to celebrate their achievement with a special event organised by the upcoming grade 10 and 12. The celebration took place with wonderful performances [...]

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