A lot has changed in NAG since the countrywide lockdown on March 19, 2020. The schools were closed nationwide, which means that all 250 day school students are currently unable to attend the NAG internal school. For all children living in the home, too, there is no normal school, because only three of all the teachers working at NAG live in NAG itself. For this reason Nicole has decided to become a teacher herself and now teaches pupils from the 6th to the 10th Class in history and current world events. The three teachers living in NAG are supported by older NAGers who attend secondary schools and are currently unable to go to school themselves. But this way the children in NAG can continue to learn and have a structured daily routine.

In particular, Nicole is worried about the day scholars. Due to the lockdown she cannot contact them. These children have no opportunities to follow distance learning. However, we are working on an idea so that these children can be given access to education again.

Since the Nepalese government has not communicated a timetable regarding the lockdown, Nicole does not know when she can open the school again. She suspects that it will take a lot longer than here in Switzerland. The measures are very strict. You can only shop in your immediate neighborhood; otherwise you have to stay home. Our NAGers were also prohibited by the police from playing basketball on the in-house court because no gatherings of people are allowed. To get a better insight into the everyday life of NAG during this time, Nicole created a new video today, which you can watch here:

We are happy to tell you that NAG is funding a project that has enabled more than 50 very poor families to provide themselves with basic food for a month. These families currently have no work and therefore no income or support, which has catastrophic consequences for them. They live from hand to mouth and are very grateful to NAG. A big thank you to you, too! If you want to read more about it or support these families, you can find a more detailed article on our homepage:


The corona crisis leads to new challenges all over the planet. We in Switzerland are also struggling with this extraordinary situation. And yet, most of us are doing better in Switzerland than in countries like Nepal. Unfortunately, we cannot go to our favorite Italian at the moment and it is also not possible to go to the cinema or the theater. Wouldn’t it be a great idea in this case to donate the saved 50 francs if you can? This means that a bag of lentils or two bags of rice can be bought in NAG or a family in need can buy basic food for a certain period of time. To give you a better idea of what can be made possible with your donation to NAG, here are a few examples:

– a bag of lentils of 25kg costs CHF 35. Such a bag of lentils is enough to feed everyone in NAG for one week (over 400 children per lunch and over 200 per dinner).

– A bag of rice costs CHF 15. NAG needs 14 bags per week. That makes CHF 210. Or a needy family can live on it for two weeks.

– The overall costs for a child living in NAG amounts to around CHF 85 per month, which also includes school costs.

If you decide to make such a spontaneous donation, you are welcome to make it to our donation account:

Strassenkinder Hilfswerk NAG

Postcheck Konto: 87-311900-9

IBAN: CH41 0900 0000 8731 1900 9

Families receive their shares of basic food supplies. Only thanks to your donations, this help for needy families was possible.