In September 2012,I visited Nepal for a personal development week organized through my school. During my time there I visited the school and Orphanage Nawa Asha Griha (NAG).
georgeNepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and thousands of children suffer, ill-treatment, have no family, and are unwanted. Since 1993 Nicole Thakuri-Wick has provided free education to under privileged Nepali street children in hopes that they may through education better their lives and be able to contribute to society. All the children receive a daily, nourishing meal and are hoping for a brighter, independent future. But support is greatly needed to improve facilities and help as many children as possible.
I have set myself the challenge of swimming Lake Geneva (75 kilometer) over the course of 5 days, accompanied by my uncle,James Marshall. I am doing this for children at Nawa Asha Griha, Nepal. The date of the swim is July 2013. I am taking on this task for children in desperate need, I believe they deserve all the help we can give them.
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