Clean Up Nepal

Recently a group of 32 motivated NAG students and staff felt honored to be able to participate in a clean up campaign organized by the European Union in Nepal and CLEAN UP NEPAL.
For some of us, it was our first time visiting the Shivapuri National Park. For all of us, this experience together left a lasting impression on our mind and spirit.
Here are a few of the students’ takeaways:
– One important lesson I have learned based on this experience is that we should not throw waste anywhere because this will not only affect human beings it will also affect the animals and birds.
– We should start from ourselves cleaning and others will also follow us.
– I have learned that nature heals us and is always kind with us. It’s time we give some love back to nature.
– This excursion had me thinking about how ignorant we can be even if it’s a small thing especially our attitude towards wastes and management.
– I might have left my wastes in open areas before knowingly or unknowingly however from now on I will not be doing such thing as leaving my trash behind if I go on excursion or traveling . And I am ready to help clean up more areas if not now than never I guess………
– I should take care of nature because it is part of us. Without it we are nothing.
– I’ve learned to be more connected to nature.
– This experience has made me feel like the environment of Nepal has been polluted due to our selfishness. So we should clean our environment daily and should throw wastes by segregating in the respective dustbin.
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This year’s summer newsletter is here!

Our summer newsletter 2022 - we hope you enjoy reading it! Update on the NAG situation «Red Panda»-Café and Greenhouse On 8 March 2022 the "Red Panda" café opened its doors just by the entrance to the NAG. This small café is run by NAG-ers and offers them the opportunity to get practical experience in service and cooking.  It is open to the public and serves delicious drinks, coffee, simple pastries and snacks. At the same time, the old school bus was converted into a greenhouse and now the first vegetables are growing inside, whose harvest is eagerly awaited. [...]

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Visiting the Kathmandu Triennal

The Kathmandu Triennial took place from February 11th to March 31st. On March 29th, a few students from the NiMS visited the exhibition as part of an excursion. The Kathmandu Triennial is Nepal's leading international platform for global contemporary art and is presented in 5 different locations in the Kathmandu Valley. Entry was free. The NAGers really enjoyed the excursion and hopefully will benefit from it for their own artistic work. If you would like more information about the exhibition, you can find it here:

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A great fundraiser

We are always very happy when people think of NAG and collect money for NAG and the children with various very creative fundraisers. Fabio recently competed in the Engadin Skimarathon in a very funny outfit, raising money for NAG. We thank you and congratulate you on your success!

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„Red Panda“ café opens its doors!

On International Women's Day 2022, NAG opened the "Red Panda" café  in Tokha. It is run by our Hotel Management students in grades 11 and 12. Here they can gain practical experience in the bakery, as a barista, in service, etc. The café is run by Kim Thakuri and Maya Rai. The café is open to everyone and if you happen to be in Kathmandu soon, come and enjoy the best chocolate brownies, sandwiches, momos, coffee varieties and cold drinks! Our café invites you to linger and relax and also offers one or two great board [...]

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Greenhouse and Red Panda Café

Another wave of Covid infections came at the beginning of the new year. With the omicron outbreak, schools across Nepal were forced to close again. We were lucky that we could just continue with the online classes. Although it was frustrating for all of us, at least some projects could be put into action. Starting with NAG's own café. In order to support the students of the hotel management course, a small, walk-in café, which is also open to the public, is being built from an old container that used to be a storage for disposal material. Named "Red [...]

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