Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all NAGers!

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for the generous support and fundraisers for NAG. They help ensure that NAG continues to be a wonderful home and school for children and young people who need a safe and healthy place to grow up.

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Support of the Rohingya people fleeing to Nepal

On the 27th of October there was an article in the Himalayan Times…/rohingya-refugees-who… about Rohingya refugees living in Kathmandu’s Kopan area. After reading the article, a group from NAG went to check out the current situation. We were shocked to find out in what horrible condition these people are surviving.

As soon as we could, we set up a “NAG health camp” to give initial medical treatment. The NAG Clinic has treated over 251 cases so far. The refugees are suffering from all kinds of conditions. Many of the men have injured backs from carrying heavy loads on construction sites and then don’t get paid properly. The women came to our health camp seeking treatment for gastric issues, colds, lung problems, stomach pain and psychological problems. Many of the children are malnourished, have worms, ear infections and skin diseases. Also, many suffer from colds, chest problems and psychological problems. It was heartbreaking seeing how they are all suffering.

Visiting their camp and speaking with different individuals gave us more insight into what struggles they have and the dire situation they are in. One good thing is that most of the children are able to attend Nepali government schools.

The 2 main problems are:

  1. The parents can’t get proper work due to not having any documentation nor legal status. This means they are being taken advantage of and have trouble making enough money to feed their families.
  2. These Rohingya refugees cannot go back to their home country, Myanmar, due to persecution. They’ve fled to Nepal. And now they live in fear of being kicked off the land where their camp is located and have no other place to go. I am not sure how we can help. We will try and talk to the landlords and hope they will let them stay.

For now, we will bring them food, blankets and set up small libraries with books for the kids. But they need long term support. They need a safe place to live and they need to be allowed to work.

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NAG’s Mobile Clinic is in action again

After a dificult drive, due to bad weather and bad roads, the clinic made it to Nuwakot where the people had been waiting desperatly. They checked over 200 patients. Cases ranged from minor to more serious skin problems, chest infections, high blood pressure, new babies etc..

We also gave out face masks, made by the NAG Tailoring team, and Nepali made biodegradable sanitary pads. The NAG Nurses explained and talked to the girls about their periods.

We are very proud of the amazing NAG clinic team!!

Talking about the period

Asking them about their medical condition

Carrying her newborn in its basket on her head

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…that you made your way to Zurich to attend the NAG event for the first time at its new location in GZ Heuried.

The anticipation on our part was enormous and so was the excitement. We all did not really know how many supporters of the children’s home were to be expected this year due to corona and the surprise was great that well over 100 people showed up.

A look at the fight against COVID-19 in NAG was the theme of this year’s event and Nicole Thakuri-Wick impressively told us how NAG has dealt with all the challenges since the beginning of 2020, how the virus has affected NAG and that the crisis has also created a lot of positive things and new ideas. In the last six months, during which the hospitals were overcrowded and the Nepalese health system was at its limit, NAG was able to ensure access to medical aid for very many people, support over 4,000 families with food and provide access to virtual education in remote schools. At the same time, daily life continued at NAG, children were able to continue attending NAG’s own school, concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions were organized by NAGers for NAGers, shifting the focus away from COVID-19 to more joyful topics.

Some of the artwork created at the NAG was brought back to Switzerland from Nepal by Nicole and was exhibited by Andrew Gray during the event. Two have already been sold. The proceeds will be used to buy new materials for the art room at NAG and the artists will receive a salary for their work.

Following Nicole’s presentation, we had the pleasure of bidding farewell to long-time Foundation Board member Heinz Sulzer. Heinz has supported and advised Nicole for many years in construction-related questions. Herewith again a huge thank you to Heinz Sulzer. We wish you much joy in your future projects and hope that you will stay connected to NAG.

Thank you Heinz.

Where there is a resignation, there is an entry and thus we were able to officially introduce our new foundation board member to everyone. Maja Hug is a pediatrician specializing in intensive care medicine and neonatology and therefore a great addition to our foundation board, which she enriches in an ideal way with her know-how.

Initially, a film tour through NAG had been planned for the event. But, since it did not fit thematically, Ohm, our director, decided to interview children and young people in the home. The result is an impressive documentary film in which they talk about whether COVID-19 also has had a positive impact on their lives.

We thank everyone for coming to the event, for the generous support throughout the year, without which we would not be able to tell about all the great projects and stories. To the many volunteers, cake bakers, without whose time and effort this event would not be possible, we would like to express a huge THANK YOU!

The invitation card projected in the background and the finished artwork displayed

Our president Sophie Winkler and Nicole Thakuri-Wick are welcoming Maja Hug.

Our new location: the Atriuam at GZ Heuried

Insight into the small exhibition

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Art Exhibition in NAG – a joyful distraction

During the last school year, our three art teachers Anjali Tamang Theeng, Gyani Tamang and Nikki Rai taught art to students from kindergarten to 10th grade. With the resulting works, they now held an exhibition at NAG, which was visited by everyone with great interest. On the photos you can admire some of the amazing works of art. We are very proud of all the big and small artists. Art and creativity are very important for education and problem solving in life, which is why we place so much emphasis on them at NAG. Most schools in Nepal lack art and good art teachers, which is a shame. Hopefully NAG/NiMS school will produce many art teachers and artists in the future.

A huge THANK YOU to our three art teachers and Andrew Gray-Leupi for all their hard work. Without your dedication, none of this would be possible!

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Food Distribution during Lockdown number 2

The government announced an extension to the lockdown. It has been 36 days of lockdown 2.0. During this stage many poor people couldn’t work. With no work there is no money and no food. In Nepal there is no unemployment money from the government.
NAG, as part of the “Covid Alliance for Nepal”, has helped open isolation centers, helped with oxygen distribution for the poor and become an ambulance service for desperate cases. Whenever needed, we are there to help.
But now the biggest need is food. NAG has always given out food to the one we knew needed it in our area and in the slums. But now together with Alliance members we are managing to help so many more. We have connected with government schools and started giving family packs to the poorest families in the valley.
In the last 6 days we have given out to over 500 families that is around 2000 individuals.Each pack lasts for 10 days and costs 13 CHF.

Taking notes of who got a pack

A lot of patience is needed

Weighing and wrapping up the different food

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