Art Exhibition in NAG – a joyful distraction

During the last school year, our three art teachers Anjali Tamang Theeng, Gyani Tamang and Nikki Rai taught art to students from kindergarten to 10th grade. With the resulting works, they now held an exhibition at NAG, which was visited by everyone with great interest. On the photos you can admire some of the amazing works of art. We are very proud of all the big and small artists. Art and creativity are very important for education and problem solving in life, which is why we place so much emphasis on them at NAG. Most schools in Nepal lack art and good art teachers, which is a shame. Hopefully NAG/NiMS school will produce many art teachers and artists in the future.

A huge THANK YOU to our three art teachers and Andrew Gray-Leupi for all their hard work. Without your dedication, none of this would be possible!

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Food Distribution during Lockdown number 2

The government announced an extension to the lockdown. It has been 36 days of lockdown 2.0. During this stage many poor people couldn’t work. With no work there is no money and no food. In Nepal there is no unemployment money from the government.
NAG, as part of the “Covid Alliance for Nepal”, has helped open isolation centers, helped with oxygen distribution for the poor and become an ambulance service for desperate cases. Whenever needed, we are there to help.
But now the biggest need is food. NAG has always given out food to the one we knew needed it in our area and in the slums. But now together with Alliance members we are managing to help so many more. We have connected with government schools and started giving family packs to the poorest families in the valley.
In the last 6 days we have given out to over 500 families that is around 2000 individuals.Each pack lasts for 10 days and costs 13 CHF.

Weighing and wrapping up the different food

Taking notes of who got a pack

A lot of patience is needed

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The NAG clinic is in continuous use

Since 2014, NAG has been running the mobile health Clinic. It is registered as the NAWA ASHA GRIHA CLINIC with the Nepali health ministry. With a small team of one doctor (Dr. Raju Khatiwada), one head nurse (Sang Dolma Lama) and three junior nurses, the small NAG Clinic situated within NAG provides medical help to all of its students as well as the community. With our 4-wheel Jeep, the NAG clinic team visits remote villages in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk. There, it provides basic medical help and teaches the locals about hygiene and family planning. After the earthquake in 2015, the nurses and doctor went out to help where they could. During the Covid-19 pandemic the clinic has not only taken care of all the children in the home but has also been supporting the local isolation centers with medicine, safety equipment, food and oxygen. Due to the very difficult situation in Nepal at this very moment, we are running a small ambulance service for the isolation wards in Tokha and other places.

NAG Update from May 14, 2021:

Nepal has been back in lockdown now since 29 April 2021. Just like India the second wave has hit Nepal very hard. The hospitals are all full, Nepal has run out of oxygen and medication. The healthcare system has failed. Private hospitals are not taking Covid patents. The Numbers are going up fast.

After fighting it for over a year, Covid made it inside NAG. Strange enough it got into NAG while the older students and staff went for the Chinese Vaccine on April 26. It snuck in and on the 5th of May, we had the first positive case. On the 7th of May we tested every one inside NAG. We have 19 who tested positive. They are now in the school area for isolation. Our NAG Clinic team are doing a great job looking after everyone. Most have very mild symptoms and are recovering fast. The good news is that 81 of us have at least had our first Vaccine shot.

Our NAG Clinic is now also busy helping opening up Isolation centers (actually Surge Centers) trying to keep people from overflowing the hospitals. We organize Oxygen, get medicine, driving our Heidi as an ambulance and try to find doctors etc.

We have teamed up with great groups of private professionals (activists, doctors, engineers etc.) who are working hard to save as many lives as possible. As the Government fight amongst each other and seem to have given up, the people of Nepal have not and are doing their best to help each other. I am also impressed with the Mayors and ward chiefs of Tokha and Budhanilkantha who are opening up isolation centers and trying to help their people even while lacking oxygen.

NAG is now starting to contact all day students to find out how their food situation is. We will be going around giving out the necessities to get through the lockdown.

This is a difficult time but we have a great team here and like all the other times get through this.

Lots of Love from all your NAGers 😘♥️

Due to the new Covid-19 outbreak in Nepal, NAG organized tests for the children and staff.

Dr. Raju Khatiwada in front of the clinic’s jeep.

Ambulance transport by NAG. The ambulance driver, Suman, is wearing a protective suit.

The distribution of all the supplies is planned by Gyanendra Sir (school’s principal), Sang Dolma (NAG clinic’s head nurse), Nicole Thakuri and Raju Khatiwada (NAG clinic’s doctor).

Box filled with emergency supplies is ready to go!

Suman waiting for his next transport drive to an isolation ward.

The pick-up is being loaded with oxygen filled cylinders to be transported to the isolation units or desperate individuals.

Life saving oxygen. A rare commodity.

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Graduation and Holi – what a month it was!

With the new month, the warm weather started to arrive in March. Classes continued as per usual with the day scholars and kids living in NAG back in their classes. Safety measures are still being taken as the vaccine has not been available to us yet. Teachers will hopefully be getting their vaccine soon in order to ensure their safety against the Covid 19 virus. In other news the graduates of grade 10 and 12 finally got to celebrate their achievement with a special event organised by the upcoming grade 10 and 12. The celebration took place with wonderful performances and special food as well as a small gift for each graduate and their teachers. It was a special moment to finally be able to celebrate after a year of being in lockdown. The festival of colour “Holi” also brought some laughs as we celebrated it with eco friendly colour instead of the normal tika powder which pollutes the water. The festival was also celebrated with special food and a t-shirt painting competition as well as a disco for everyone. It was a great time to let loose and have some fun within NAG while still staying safe from the outside. Despite the difficult circumstances, we take our chance to celebrate the victories and the festivals while the hope of the vaccine remains just within our reach.

Teachers enjyoing a special meal in a restaurant

Dance performance

Class 10 and 12 – look at their happy faces!

Preparations for the Holi celebration

Festival of colours in full swing

Look how cool the eco friendly colours look!

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Quality education in remote villages and other activities

As the new month started, our regular routine went on as per usual. Classes have been going well and, as the day scholars have started regular schooling once again, we have been taking extra precautions in order to prevent the virus from getting inside NAG. The hand washing station and the mandatory mask rule have been working as no one has caught the virus. All of the older NAGers who have started going to school outside of NAG got tested for Covid however, no one was tested positive. We have also started a remote learning program in order to give quality education, not only at NAG but also to government schools in villages. A TV was set up in a school in a remote village, and our teachers have been joining in online from their homes to teach the students in a safe and effective way. In other news, extracurricular activities have also been continuing with NAG’s cooking competition taking place weekly. External judges have been visiting in order to give cooking lessons to the NAGers and judge the dishes made by the students. It’s a fun activity to occupy their minds as the virus continues to spread. However, NAG’s head nurse, Munu Lama has gotten the vaccine as she continues to work in the front lines to aid the situation and heal those who have been infected. It is a rough time for everyone around the world, yet we must continue to strive through persistence and determination as the vaccine brings hope to better the situation.

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Six weeks into 2021

We celebrated the coming of the New Year with movies till midnight and a special meal for all the NAGers. After the long year of 2020, the New Year was just what we needed to celebrate during these trying times. The NAGers also started participating in sports competitions once again, starting with rock climbing as it is not a contact sport and is therefore Covid safe. NAG’s climbing team won 1st and 2nd in the women’s competition and 2nd and 3rd in the men’s. And finally, since all of the other schools have been reopening here in Nepal, NAG is open since January 11 to the day-scholars once again. We are still taking extra measure to prevent the virus from getting into NAG with a mandatory rule on wearing masks as well as a fever check each morning and the installation of a hand washing station at the front entrance. Teachers are also obliged to follow the necessary measures as well as all of the other members of staff. NAG has also taken one step further into eradicating the virus as the first NAGer has gotten the vaccine against Covid 19. Dr Raju Khatiwada has gotten his first dose since he is one of the doctors working on the front lines. Lastly, NAG has started its very own cooking competition for those in the hostel who have an interest for the arts of the kitchen. Two rounds have already been conducted and will soon be uploaded onto the NAG YouTube channel. We at NAG have not sat idly during these harsh times and have instead brought new ways to entertain and teach the NAGers. Although the virus still spreads, the vaccine brings hope and with it, an end to the hardships brought by Covid.


Climbing up high


Getting her temperature checked

Hand washing station by the entrance

Day students coming back to school after very long months

Dr. Raju Khatiwada getting his vaccination

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