Nicole with her daughters Kim and Zohra arrived in Switzerland for the NAG 20 year’s anniversary event. Her deputy  Surjay Tamang took care of NAG in her absence, as usual he doing an excellent job and seeing that NAG continued to function smoothly.

The children received  some donated clothes, which  are distributed twice yearly. Sadly the airlines no longer allow us any extra kilos to send with travellers, so  we now have to rely on individual passengers  for transport.

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[big_text]17 NAGers completed the 10th class School Leaving Certificate..[/big_text][divider type=”fading” /]

Of these successful students Samir, Sonam and Arjun received sport stipendiums for a private school. As in other countries, a good basketball team is a matter of image for them. Consequently they recrute the best Nepali players for their school.

Sandesh was accepted in the Nepali national U16 basketball teamteam and will be participating in a national competition in Bangladesh.

The  impressive performances of NAGers Bijay and Anjeli in a dance marathon, where they danced non-stop for 8 hours, were rewarded. They were delighted to receive the winning  trophies.

Thank the excellent care which the NAG children receive from our home nurses, there were only three medical emergencies during the summer months. One appendectomy and two ear operations, which were carrried out in the nearby hospital.

Two new, deserted children Anjeli and Thapa were admitted to NAG.

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[big_text]Nicole returned to NAG.[/big_text]
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In addition to all the daily duties, she is busy preparing for the Home’s 20 years celebration. This is eagerly awaited by all the children.