Dear NAG Sponsors and Supporters

The past year was a very special one with 20 Yrs. NAG anniversary celebrations in Switzerland and Kathmandu, where many ex-students came especially to join with the present home children. They showed the present NAGers what can be achieved when given the chance of a decent education.

Over all these years, despite many difficulties and an instable political climate, NAG has continued helping the underprivileged children of Kathmandu. Many having been severely traumatised have found a safe haven in our large NAG family. Also many children with a range of disabilities are well integrated and accepted by all.

Various visitors have visited and witnessed life in our “Village” which has developed from a small rented room into a happy, self-contained haven. This personal contact is an invaluable form of PR for us when these visitors return to their home countries again.

NAG continues providing education for 350 children. The teaching staff includes 12 former graduates from our school. Apart from education, the children are also able to develop their own special capabilities and talents. Some excelling in studies while others have manual talents. Space being restricted within NAG we also provide support for another 300 children in impoverished local schools.

Due to structural damage, the old school building was evacuated the past year as it was in danger of collapsing. Students were moved to temporary school rooms and classes continued as usual. In 2014 our primary project will be the construction of new class rooms.

All this happiness was only possible thanks to your continuing support which we’ve received in many forms. From people remembering us in times of happiness and sorrow, and various fundraising events including innovative young people singing, swimming, running, climbing and cooking for the NAGers. We’ve also profited from talented volunteers helping our children develop their creative talents and improve their English.

On behalf of all NAGers and the NAG Stiftung, Danyabad (thank you) and