Dear sponsors, donors and friends of NAG

In 1993 when Nicole started NAG with 6 street children she never dreamt that today she would be giving 250 of these underpriviliged children a home and education while additional- ly supporting another 350 external students who also receive free education, providing them with a chance for their futures.This incredible growth was only made possible because of to your loyal support!

The past 21st year of NAG has been another eventful one. Despite having serious construc- tural problems, having to replace the old school buildungs, plus floods and earthquakes, ho- me and school has managed to keep functioning efficiently.

In the yearly exams 22 children in class 10 passed the school leaving certificate . Most will continue further studies up to class 12.Half of the teachers have grown up in NAG and after graduating in Teacher Training courses chose to teach in the NAG school. They understand the street-children mentality and home rules, disiplining errant children in non-violent extra duties ect. In 2014 the first group of Class 12 humanity students graduated from NAG. Some have left, found outside work or married and live independently. One has even mana- ged to openen her own beauty parlour.

The latest addition to the Home is a 4 bed Sick Bay, run by Dr Sapena our first NAG medical graduate who studied in Bangaladesh. She now lives in NAG and also is working in a Kath- mandu hospital. Sapena is assisted by our 7 NAG nurses one of whom, thanks to your sup- port,is now registered. They are “on call“ 24 hrs daily when not on duty at outside hospitals. Post-operative care can now be professionally maintained within the home, saving extra costs.

As in every family , duties have to be carried out ie. Dishwashing,kitchen and cleaning duties in dormitories plus maintaining the NAG grounds. Older NAGers also care for the smaller children plus a variety of home animals.

All the children continue to enjoy the free time activities The various sports include basketball ( winning Kathmandu championships), soccer,cricket and table tennis. Handwork includes knitting, jewlery making, pottery, carpentry, cooking ect. Volunters who gain extra experience working with the children in NAG also pass on their various manuel talents in music and handwork workshops. In addition to our manuel courses we have commenced a new work- shop for repairing mobile phones.

The many sponsor, donors, and people who visited NAG during the year and having perso- nal contact with the children, add positivly to the life there. They witness the happiness and home atmosphere adding to our reputation as the Home of New Hopes

We send many heartful thanks to all the sponsors, donors, travellers and people who have remembered our children in times of mourning and happiness .Also the schools and people conducting a variety of events in aid of NAG. With such support we can continue giving many children a Home of New Hopes for their future.

Danyabat, Thank you, Merci and best wishes to all for a happy and healthy new year.

Nicole Thakuri-Wick, all NAG‘ers and members of the „Stiftungsrat“.

Annual report 2014