This year’s NAG event will take place as planed on 28th June at 14.00 in the reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus in Horgen. Due to the earthquakes in Nepal we’ve changed the program accordingly. As the situation in Kathmandu is still unpredictable Nicole Thakuri Wick will not travel to Switzerland. Her Daughter Kim will represent her.

When possible we hope to be able to connect with her by Skype on our main screen so she can give us her opinion of the actual situation. 

We are happy that Kim Thakuri and Dr. Sapena Tamang will be present. Sapana grew up and graduated in NAG, studied medicine in Bangladesh and now works in a Kathmandu hospital. Living in NAG where she has a clinic she also experienced the earthquake first hand. 

Naturally the entrance is free and we look forward to greeting many guests.


13.30 Door opening.

14.00 Greeting by the president of the foundation: Dr Romedius Alber.

14.10 Last year’s report and building progress in NAG: Heinz Sulzer.

14.30 Impressions and experiences in NAG during the earthquakes: Kim Thakuri.

15.00 break

15.20 Impressions and earthquake experiences outside NAG: Sapana Tamang.

15.45 Direct skype contact with Nicole Thakuri Wick in Kathmandu.

16.30 Discussion, bazaar, coffee, cakes, drinks and snacks