Namaste dear Sponsors and friends of NAG

The past year in Nepal has been one of chaos and corruption: geologically, politically and humanely.

However NAG has managed to survive, being pre-warned and prepared for such a disaster by our NAG vice president Dr Frederic Perrier carrying out geophysical Sur- veys for the Nepal government. Consequently all our NAGers reacted as trained for this emergency and the Home remained intact. Sleeping in tents outside the build- ings was an “adventure” for most, especially the small children!

However the extent of human suffering in Nepal is indescribable and apart from constructional damage the loss of human lives is tragic, becoming more so as winter has arrived and the homeless are left to freeze to death in the elements! The governmental corruption plus border conflicts with India have added to the country sinking into chaos with no end in sight!

Nicole and her NAGers are coping with the crisis in every possible way. Some actions are unfortunately necessary i.e.: having to buy wood over the thriving “Black Market”. This is necessary to cook one warm meal daily for over 300 children. The de-forestation if continues could result in an ecological disaster! Also buying “Black Market” Petrol for the NAG Mobile Clinic and school bus (transporting the day scholars to NAG from Bodanath). As medical supplies are unobtainable in Nepal NAG sends older NAG boys over the border to purchase these in India!

The NAG Mobile Clinic with our Dr Sapana, Nurse Munu and helpers continue tra- veling to destroyed remote villages, which are ignored by the government and the outside world. They bring material and medical assistance. This assistance is funded separately by our special NAG “Earthquake Fund”.

On the home front we are happy to report all children are happy in their safe surroundings and also a great success of SLC (School leaving certificates) over 90% this is a record when one considers the average of passes in Kathmandu is mid 40%.

Thanks to all for your loyal support, enabling us to continue giving HOPE to all these children, otherwise ignored and despised by Nepali society.

Danyabat – Thank you! 
With the best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016!

Nicole Thakuri-Wick, NAGers and the foundation board

The annual NAG event will be held Sunday 10th April in Horgen. Invitations following early March.

Annual report 2015