The NAG event this year focused on Girl power in Nepal. However Nicole Thakuri-Wick also informed the people about the stagnation of rebuilding of damages caused by the earthquake. This in addition to India still blocking the delivery of petrol, gas, medical supplies and other necessities.

As in India Nepal doesn’t respect the rights of women. They do exist however are very limited due to restriction by the male authorities .Consequently their lives consist of hard manual duties and no education , The males worry that education may be dangerous to their patriarchal ideas.. These unjust conditions were shown in the films and presentations by Nicole Thakuri-Wick and Stina Khadka. They were very enlightening and moving, showing that the Nepalise women still have a hard fight for equality ahead of them.

Nicole ensures that in NAG equal rights are observed . Both girls and boys having the same rights, discipline and duties.

In the home the girls learn to develop a healthy self-confidence . They become mature women who can look toward a promising future and realise their dreams.  In the film shown by Ohm Thakuri village girls were asked about their future aims and sadly none of them had a goal or dream !

We were most happy to welcome such a large number of visitors. The event featured a combination of emotion , interesting discussions and happy Encounters.

Photos from Michèle Bollhalder-Seidenz and Christian Roth: