Dear sponsors, donors and friends of NAG

Last year, having reported about one of the most difficult years ever in the over 20 year history of NAG, we continue looking with more hope toward the future. The earthquakes in 2015 plus the border blockades Autumn ‘15 until March ‘16 left their scars, however the situation has relatively normalised during the past year.

Although the NAG buildings withstood last year’s earthquakes, we plan to replace the original old structures left from the previous owners, which are becoming instable.

Our separate Earthquake fund continues supporting the remote villages. Thanks to our mobile clinic bus, donated by ISZL, the NAG medical team visits these affected areas ( weather allowing) giving medical aid, health instruction and family planning information. These people also appreciate receiving blankets and clothes for the cold weather. The officially registered NAG clinic is led by our Dr Sapana with Sister Munu and her team of NAG nurses. Thanks to such help they were also able to save the lives of a pregnant village woman and her baby. When major medical problems arise the patients are transported to Kathmandu hospital and their medical costs covered.

Thanks to your generous support NAG continues providing 200 children a safe home, family atmosphere, education and a chance for the future. The additional 150 day students attending the school also receive a daily nourishing meal, uniforms and medical treatment. We also offer support to some local schools, helping our integration in the community.

The NAGer’s results in the state examinations, were most impressive proving our Niten memorial school standard equals that of top Kathmandu. schools! Our SLC Class pass was 100% and 12 Class pass 95%! Now thanks to donated laptops from ISZL we are able to offer Computer Program courses.

In addition to the school curriculum the children have a varied choice of other freetime activities to choose from not available in public schools. They include art, pottery, music (including a NAG choir) chess, carpentry, mechanics and welding. A sewing class has also started thanks to donated sewing machines. Sport is very popular with basketball, football, cricket plus training on our new climbing wall with the NAG climbers competing in Kathmandu events.

All this has only been made possible thanks to loyal help over all the years from donors, sponsors and helpers. Also the many visitors including those from various corners of the globe carrying their impression back home. The children enjoy such visitors, making new friends and some even meeting their sponsors. Maybe we’ll see some of you in NAG during the coming year?

Wishing you all the best of health, luck and a very happy New Year also “Namaste” on behalf of Nicole and the NAGers.

NAG foundation members

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Prior notice

The annual NAG-Event will be held SUNDAY 7th May 2017 in Horgen. Invitations following in March and will be published on our homepage.