This year’s NAG event impressively demonstrated the progress of NAG over the years, demonstrating the quality of the NAG school in contrast to local state schools.

NAG also trains the teaching staff who then pass the Home’s moral standards on to the students, They then  represent this to outsiders. Equality for all, giving the poor the same chance in life as the wealthy.

Barbara Sulzer Smith from Education Swiss informed about challenges confronting Swiss schools aboard. Michael Niel from the international School of Zug and Luzern informed about his experiences in connection with NAG who the school has supported over many years in a variety of ways.

The film presentation from Ohm Basniet (representing NAG vice-Principle) showed an impressive and varied look into the school system  with its innovative ideas to  motivate the children to work to their abilities.

All this success we were able to report has only been made possible with your generous support.

On behalf of everyone in NAG ….Many heartfelt thanks “Danjabat”


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