Dear friends and supporters of Nawa Asha Griha

As we enter the 25th year of NAG we look back at its development over the many years from the beginning when we were sleeping on the floor of one room in a rough area till having our own home on the outskirts of the city. This has only been made possible thanks to your continued loyal support.
It has been most rewarding witnessing NAGers coming from the streets and slums developing their individual talents and also having the chance of following further studies. Some also founding their own families and themselves supporting NAG.
Our own registered clinic is staffed by Nag Doctors and nurses. Thanks to the separate donation of a Clinic car they also provide medical and practical support to remote villages destroyed by the earthquakes.

The NAG kitchen is now run by chef Soran, one of the first NAGers who studied hotel management and worked abroad. He has now returned to help in NAG’s kitchen, in addition giving cooking classes to the NAGers. As the dining and kitchen buildings were in need of repair we were fortunate in receiving generous support enabling us now to rebuild and provide a higher standard of equipment for the staff.

On the recreation side the children continue to use the various sport opportunities offered including basketball, cricket, table tennis and climbing with a Nager, winning 2nd in the Nepali climbing competition.

In addition to sport creativity continues to flourish. Impressive talent is shown in various forms of art, acting, dancing, singing also dressmaking and carpentry.

It is most rewarding witnessing the development of the younger children in the home who are well cared for by the nannies, attend kindergarten and are allowed to advance at their own individual pace.

The volunteers and visitors witnessing life in NAG have also been a good source of PR for us, returning to their homes and recounting their experiences. Some also having private fundraising events for the home.

WE would like to send our appreciation for your unwavering trust in our commitment and wishing all a most happy new year when we will celebrate NAG’s 25th anniversary

Nicole, NAG staff and members of the foundation

Advanced notice:
The annual NAG-Event will be held on Sunday, 27th May 2018 in Horgen. Detailed information in April

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