Invitation to Annual NAG Event

The NAG Foundation Board invites you to the yearly NAG event 2018.

Date: Sunday 27th May 2018
Time: from 13.30
Place: 8810 Horgen Ref. Church hall Kelliweg 21


13.30   Door opening

14.00   Greeting from foundation president Romedius Alber. Dr. med.

14.10   25 years NAG- Beginning until the Present.
Film-25 NAGers explain what NAG means to them. Nicole Thakuri Wick

 15.10   Pause

15.30   NAG – Clinic
Report about visit in a remote Nepali village. Munu Lama registered nurse.

 15.50    Presenting new foundation president Sophie Winkler and present foundation members. Romedius Alber Dr. Med.

Musical  background programm.
Drinks, sandwiches, cakes  ect. from doors opening until event conclusion.
Before and after program.. time for personal talks and visitingNepal bazaar.