This year’s NAG event celebrated it’s 25 years of beginnings and Farewells. Firstly we send many thanks for the loyal support of donors and  voluntary helpers… without them we would not be able to present the folowing report!!


With Nicole we were able to look back on these many NAG years of turblence and success.

Fate has  not always been kind, however overcoming it has resulted in many NAGers reaching successfully their goals in life. The inpressive and moving film by Ohm Thakuri portrayed some NAGers telling  traumatic stories of  their past lives before beginning new ones in NAG.

The NAG band played their own composition “Song for Deamers”

Munu Lama- NAG’s first qualified nurse- informed about the Nag mobile clinic’s successful work in remote earthquake damaged villages.There they  have no medical insurance, death often occuring due to lack of basic medical help!

Farewell and new beginning

We farewelled Foundation President Dr Romedius Alber and Finance secretary Eliane Gallati, thanking them for their excellent assistance over the years. Then we greeted the new President Sophie Winkler and Treasurer Roland Melliger wishing them a “good start” Simultaneously the “Grau Eminence” Judith Wick was voted honorary President for her unfailing support for NAG.


Thanks also to Michéle Bollhalder for the memorable photos.

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