The NAG Foundation Board invites you to the yearly NAG event 2019.

Date: Sunday, 10th March 2019
Time: from 13.30
Place: 8810 Horgen Ref. Church hall Kelliweg 21

P r o g r a m m :

13.30   Door opening

14.00   Greeting by Foundation president (Sophie Winkler)

14.05   “Finding hope in Art …”

  • How music, dancing, art and handwork help the NAGers (Nicole Thakuri-Wick)
  • Short film about NAG (NAG Production)
  • Musical Interlude
    Bettina Schelker live
    NAGers by Video

15.00   P a u s e

15.20   NAG Yearly report 2018 (Nicole Thakuri-Wick)

15.40   Closing word (Sophie Winkler)

Refreshments: drinks, var. cakes and sandwiches from door opening until end of event.
During interval: time for personal conversation and Nepali Bazaar.

PS: Naturally also relatives, friends and acquaintances are most welcome