Dear friends and supporters of NAG – Namaste

25 years of NAG!

2018 was the year of anniversary celebrations in Switzerland and Nepal. For the last 25 years, Nicole Thakuri Wick and her team have built up NAG in Nepal and the NAG foundation Switzerland. This great achievement was celebrated at the NAG event in May in Horgen as well as during a great anniversary party in Kathmandu in September.
2018 was a year with changes within the board of the foundation: the president of the board, Romedius Alber, handed over to Sophie Winkler and Eliane Gallati to Roland Melliger. The NAG family would like to thank Romedius Alber and Eliane Gallati for their great support of NAG in the last years! In autumn, we welcomed Nicole Steck as new board member – she replaces Judith Wick, who will function as president of honor. With the new foundation board, we aim to lead the way into a successful and sustainable future of NAG. There are some challenges ahead – but we will tackle them together!
The festivities in Kathmandu included a theatre play, a “Hollywood” theme party and, of course, a disco for the kids. The NAGers dressed as movie characters (see picture below), they played different games and, for once, were allowed to eat sweets. It was great fun for everyone and will for sure be a long lasting memory.
Some of the celebrations in NAG took place in the new dining hall, which was finally opened in April 2018. Thanks to the great support from Switzerland, the new two-floors dining hall with an integrated kitchen can be used by the NAGers. In addition, and with hands-on support from Switzerland, some of the old sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) were renovated in November and a new water tank is under construction.
In particular, the new kitchen means big step forward: the NAG employees are now able to cook the 400 meals in a large kitchen with a (quite) modern cooking station and have appropriate storage rooms available. No heavy pots of rice need to be carried anymore, which means a great relief for everyone.
Despite these highlights, NAG keeps focusing on helping the poorest in Nepal as such help is still necessary. Unfortunately, Nepal is only making little progress in terms of fighting poverty and unemployment or providing social welfare. In 2018, we welcomed many new children at NAG who would not have had a chance of education otherwise.

The NAG mobile clinic went back to remote villages. Our doctors and nurses continue to provide medical assistance to people living in remote places as the villages who are still suffering from the damages of the earthquake.
All of this is only possible because of your generous support, dear NAG friends and supporters. On behalf of all the children, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust. And wish you all a fulfilled 2019 with many wonderful moments – Dhanyabad!

In the name of the NAG-foundation,

Nicole Thakuri-Wick
Founder of NAG

Sophie Winkler
President of the NAG-foundation

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