Finding Hope in Art …

…was the motto of the yearly NAG Event in Horgen. Despite the traditional Swiss festivities many loyal sponsors and supporters came to the event.

The many traumas which the children suffered makes Art the idea means of overcoming this fate. There are many art forms provided in NAG including dance, theatre, music., sculpturing ect. They help to cope to a certain degree. The teachers learn from them in this way and are also able to help in particular cases.

We are most grateful to the ISZL school for the offer to provide NAG with an “Art Room “ where the children can retreat and discover their individual creative talents.

In the thrilling film “The Bully”… made in NAG with the NAGers actors the theme of Bullying was shown . This global problem is most frightening as some victims are driven to suicide.

The musical part was a film showing performances by the NAGers An exciting addition was a live performance by famous singer Bettina Schelker who also worked with the NAGers knowing what a positive influence music is for these children.

In 2018 we could complete various projects. Now NAG has an excellent Kitchen and dining area. Making the meal preparation much easier with Kip pans, avoiding the carrying of heavy containers. The sanitary section was also renovated.

We thank all for the super support enabling us to have such success. Also the various helpers in the background without whom we would not have been able to present such a successful event.

Impressions of the Event