Every year in April the Nepali ”Month of Baisakh” the school admissions are conducted in the whole country. NAG conducted it on 17th. The admissions lasting from 9.30am until 5pm. People from far and near were given prior notice and advised to bring along necessary documents ( birth and death certificates ,police report, citizenship of parents ect.) This day people started to queue outside the gate from early morning until dusk. As the admission takes a whole day we try to give a chance to those filling out forms in the queue.

The 4 staff NAG analysts interrogate the child’s parents, relatives and siblings while other NAGers assist in maintaining lines, checking documents ect. During interrogation we ask many questions in order to find out the genuine cases so only needy are accepted Due to free education there are also cases of wealthy families in disguise trying to apply. However only the really destitute children receive the chance. This is why we have to be strict. During this time We hear many sad cases of hardship and misery.

After admission we sort out the admission papers, reviewing cases and depending on size and capacity of classrooms, select the very needy and desperate ones finalising enrolment within 2-3 days.

This year, we accepted 40 new day students for NiMS, 4 students who can start next year since right now they are too small to even start nursery, 8 will be supported at the Saraswati public school and one child got accepted to stay in the hostel.