Green and sustainable, these two terms are also a topic in NAG, and not just since today!
But now nails are made with heads. Already at the entrance gate NO PLASTIC stands unmistakably. Since a few weeks no more plastic bags are used inside NAG. Already in the surrounding small shops we are asked whether we want a plastic bag or not, if we deny then it says: Aha, you are from NAG!
NAG also participates in the regular “Roadside Cleaning Campaign”. Early in the morning the students clean the roadsides and the riverbanks for about 2 hours before they go to their usual classes. By the way, the initiative to participate came from pupils!
Last week a meeting with the environmental organisation CLEAN UP NEPAL took place at NAG. This is a pilot project to set up “environmental topics in school lessons”. This means that in each class a certain amount of time will be devoted to environmental protection. Our school was chosen to participate in this project (as the only private school, of course!). Teacher training and teaching materials are provided free of charge.