For some, that means for the students of classes 10, 11 and 12 May is the month that counts! In May the final exams, which they have to take outside of NAG, take place. Afterwards the big vacation starts for all these students, because they have to wait one or some two to six months until they get their results back.

During this time of the year the annual “earthquake training” takes place. And that works like this:
When the earth begins to shake, it means first to keep a cool head and to wait for any escape until the quake is over. Wait for at least two minutes! Only then should one go with the arms protectively over the head quietly into the open air. You should always be aware of the danger of falling wall parts and keep a good distance to all the walls. Our schoolchildren know this procedure quite well and complete this exercise routinely.

For girls especially, but also for the boys, the “clothes-handout” is a big event in May. It takes place twice in a year. First, the clothes for the 204 children need to be sorted and laid out. For hours it is checked and sorted and then laid out according to the sizes. Some older girls do this sorting with a lot of patience. Then finally comes the day of the handout. This will take a whole day! Each child receives four T-shirts, two pants, etc., etc., in any case, each child receives seven garments.

Two interesting workshops have also taken place this month. First, some older girls, who later want to specialize in the beauty industry, visited the workshop “Hair-dressing” abroad. Honorary President Judith Wick gladly presented herself as a model.

Another highly interesting workshop took place on the last weekend in May at NAG. Documentary filmmaker Frank Senn taught interested young people how to build up stories and documentaries, what topics could be suitable for next NAG films and how they should be told that the audience also gets the right message.

Also, like every other month in NAG, sports play an important role. This month, the NAG basketball team was invited by the Lincoln private school to the other side of Kathmandu to a friendly game. Unfortunately they lost. It hurt, but it was an honor anyway to be invited for a game.