In the beginning of December, the NAG medical team organised a presentation for all the NAGers about body safety and awareness, an annual event that takes place on Aids Day. A week later, they also went to a village called Nuwakot to give medical aid to the villagers. Later in the month, the same team went back to the village to distribute clothes and supplies to the locals. Other than health presentations, NAG’s martial arts teacher also gave a self defense class to all of the junior students. A science project completion was also held, and the projects presented ranged from chemical experiments to robotic innovations. Near the end of the month, we celebrated the Holidays with a barbecue, cake and a disco for all the kids and staff to enjoy. Everyone was given a pair of shoes, socks and of course some chocolate. Other than that, bamboo toothbrushes were given to everyone in order to reduce the plastic waste caused by toothbrushes every year. The toothbrushes, as well as the shoes that were distributed are products produced in Nepal. This was taken in count to try to minimise the carbon footprint of NAG. Lastly, to celebrate this year coming to its end, everyone was given a toasty hoodie to stay warm for the rest of the winter.