Dear NAG-friends,

we are happy you are finding your way to our homepage even in difficult times. We try to reflect everyday life in NAG here on this homepage and tell you how things are going in and out of NAG despite the lockdown.

The first half of March was mainly spent on preparations should Nepal also enter the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shortly before the entire country was officially quarantined on March 20 due to the increasing number of worldwide cases, NAG closed its gate on March 19 at 5 PM.

We prepared with food and medical supplies as well as activities to keep all of the kids occupied. Once we officially closed the school, the NAGers were kept busy with daily art classes, baking workshops and games organised by the older students. Health presentations were given in order to instruct everyone on the prevention of the virus.

As for the bakery, we have now stopped getting the bread for breakfast delivered to us and have asked the baking group to provide fresh bread for all of the kids every morning. This was timed well as we would not have been able to get bread delivered due to the lockdown. So far, everyone at NAG is healthy and no one has shown any symptoms of the virus. We’re all taking measures to ensure the safety of all the NAGers and are hoping that you are safe and healthy as well.