Although the lockdown in Nepal has ceased, we, at NAG, are continuing to stay safe from the pandemic by staying quarantined inside. Online classes have been going on as scheduled with the students having started the new school year. The teachers and the students alike have been getting used to online schooling. All of the NAGers who have been helping the teachers have taken a teacher training course and have received their certificates.
Everything has been continuing as usual, however, we have been organising events to keep the kids entertained and occupied. One such event was a mask fashion show. For a few weeks, the NAGers have been making their own face masks decorated in their own style. NAG’s tailoring room made the base, simple masks for the younger kids to design and the some of the older kids made masks themselves decorated with their own preferences. Some simply painted on it whereas others created new designs and prototypes for masks. The show was organised in order to spread awareness on the importance of mask to stagnate the pandemic, and possibly even turn masks into a fashion statement for those reluctant to wear them. The whole fashion show has been uploaded to YouTube at NAG Nepal and has been reported by BBC Nepal. We hope that our message spreads and that the importance of masks becomes known to all.