Nepal went back into lockdown and we’ve spent another month in lockdown. We started it, however, with an art exhibition organised by Anjali Tamang and NAG’s Art team. Great works by all of the students were on display for the rest of NAG to enjoy. As well as individually made pieces, class art projects were also displayed. The rest of the month was spent preparing for the 27th anniversary of NAG as kids practiced their dances, made stunning outfits and prepared a wonderful theatrical performance to come in September. Other than that, the mask fashion show from the previous month was aired on CBBC, news that excited and encouraged the kids to be even more creative. As for the lockdown, we are still being fully cautious and keeping visitors out and locking ourselves in. We have not, however been short of entertainment and activities as online classes are still going on with teachers and students becoming more comfortable and at ease with the situation. Aside from school, the kids have numerous activities to occupy their day such as wall climbing, basketball, football and of course creative activities in our art studio. We hope that everyone around the world is staying safe during these trying times and that the situation will cease soon enough.


Please watch the short, but fun contribution about our mask fashion show on CBBC.