With the continuous spread of Covid-19 in Kathmandu, the need for blood donation has grown. So, to start off this month and to celebrate 27 years of NAG, some of the NAGers who were old enough, decided to give blood. Being locked up, the feeling of being helpless didn’t cease so we decided that this was something we could do, while still staying safe. Although we donated blood during the first of September, on the fifth, we had an anniversary program with just those inside NAG. The kids, having learnt more about world history during the lockdown, put on an incredible dance compilation, showing human evolution in a nutshell. The dances were choreographed by the kids and NAG’s incredible dance teacher, Anjali Tamang. And since all of the outfits of the historical figures were also made by the NAGers, a fashion show was held to judge all of their wonderful creations. The day was topped off a special dinner for everyone.

Other than celebrations, online classes have been continuing as everyone has started getting the habit of it. A few classes even participated in a mango tree planting competition to see whose would grow to be the healthiest saplings.

As Dashain approaches, the annual clothes shopping outing also came. And, NAG opened up its lockdown restrictions. Each kid received 2000 Rupie to buy a good pair of jeans and a T-shirt and/or pullover. 500 Rupie could be spent on shampoos or something else they liked. Obviously, due to the current circumstances, the kids could not go to Bhirkuti Mandap as per usual, so they went in small groups to Bhat Bhateni early in the morning as to avoid other customers. Full precautions were taken including masks, minimal contact with anyone from the outside and full protective gear for those more susceptible to the virus. We wish everyone else around the world the best during these trying times and hope to continue staying safe.
Bellow you find a few pictures as well as the movie about our “History Dance”.