As the virus started to spread again, we took extra precautions, starting with official PCR tests for everyone before they went home to their families with negative results. Everyone was tested with those being at a higher risk, quarantined elsewhere and sent home. As a break was taken from school, we also started wearing masks more often in order to ensure the safety of everyone. For obvious reasons, less kids went home this year in fear of the pandemic so for those who stayed, more activities were available to occupy their Dashain break. A trampoline was bought and set up and the telescope was put to use at night to view the moon as well as mars while it was at its brightest. Undoubtedly, we celebrated Tika day this year, still taking precautions. Everyone got a bag filled with sweets, fruits and snacks as well as toys or hygiene products. Regular activities still take place, sports, art and music included. Lastly, evidently the most memorable event of October, arrived; Halloween. Like every year, a costume competition and a pumpkin carving contest took place as well as a Covid 19 themed horror escape room. The bakery team also made pizza for everyone to commemorate this spooky occasion. Although the pandemic is lasting longer than anyone could have predicted, we keep our spirits up with activities and events, as we would every year and hope everyone stays safe during these trying times.

The telescope in action

Let’s jump!

Tika celebration

The very cool bags with all the sweets, fruits and other fun things!

Scary monster!

It is all about decorating.