After the Dashain festivals ended, Tihar, the festival of lights approached. We celebrated in different ways this year due to the global pandemic, but it was no less colourful. Since the kids could not go visit other families to perform at their doorstep, all of the performances were done here. The mandalas were also different as we decided to be more eco friendly and make them out of recycled material instead of powdered colour. Bhai Tika, the festival that celebrates the bond between siblings, was also celebrated with all of NAG enjoying snacks and movies during the day. As the Dashain and Tihar holidays came to an end, all of the NAG’ers came back to NAG with a negative PCR test. Those who had caught the virus were sent to a quarantine centre as everyone else was quarantined here, in a separate area, at NAG, just to take extra precautions. After two weeks and once everyone was confirmed with negative tests once again, online schooling started back up with the day students joining in from their homes. Although our routine is back on track, we’re still wearing masks in order to ensure the safety of everyone here. The grade 12 students finally had their exams after having to wait many months to graduate. It was taken in high security, with tables placed outside and the day students being separated from the hostellers. Now, as our routine is back, all activities have also started up again. The kids are playing basketball, practicing dancing, doing art and playing music as they normally would, just while keeping the masks on. We’ve also started showing films with a projector in the dining hall, providing a theatre like experience right here, at home. We hope everyone is staying safe during these troubled times and hope a quick recovery to those who have been affected by the virus.

Preparing for the festival of lights

Enjoying a delicious meal

Bhai Tika – honoring your sisters and brothers

Grade 12 students taking their final exams under different circumstances

Testing before entering NAG