As winter got harsher, we lit up the fire place once again, waiting for the festive season. The majority of the month was rather uneventful, with classes and activities going on as usual. As the days progressed, a Festive bobble competition was announced, where anyone could make an ornament and the best ones would receive a prize. Finally, the holidays came and we celebrated with a day of food and gifts. Everyone got a gift bag with a red NAG hoodie, warm socks, some snacks and some cash to spend on something they want. The bakery team made some cake for everyone and for dinner, some of the NAGers cooked a special meal for everybody. Lastly, a disco was held on the basketball court with music and lights, the kids staying at different places also came, but were still in separate areas for safety measures. Overall, given the circumstances, it was a fun and festive day which everyone enjoyed. And since this year has been as chaotic as it was unpredictable, the last day was celebrated with Thukpa, a noodle soup, made by some of the NAGers and a movie night till midnight.

We’ve been slowly anticipating reopening in person classes with the rest of the country, taking extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Until yesterday, only the younger day scholars were coming in for half the day, separated from the hostellers, for in person lessons. Kids at a higher risk of the virus are being quarantined elsewhere, joining classes online. Since yesterday, January 11 2021, the school is officially open again for everyone!

Overall, although 2020 has been tough and chaotic, we all managed to power through it and hopefully, the year 2021 will bring better fortune and hope for everyone. Thank you for your support and showing your interest in us!