We celebrated the coming of the New Year with movies till midnight and a special meal for all the NAGers. After the long year of 2020, the New Year was just what we needed to celebrate during these trying times. The NAGers also started participating in sports competitions once again, starting with rock climbing as it is not a contact sport and is therefore Covid safe. NAG’s climbing team won 1st and 2nd in the women’s competition and 2nd and 3rd in the men’s. And finally, since all of the other schools have been reopening here in Nepal, NAG is open since January 11 to the day-scholars once again. We are still taking extra measure to prevent the virus from getting into NAG with a mandatory rule on wearing masks as well as a fever check each morning and the installation of a hand washing station at the front entrance. Teachers are also obliged to follow the necessary measures as well as all of the other members of staff. NAG has also taken one step further into eradicating the virus as the first NAGer has gotten the vaccine against Covid 19. Dr Raju Khatiwada has gotten his first dose since he is one of the doctors working on the front lines. Lastly, NAG has started its very own cooking competition for those in the hostel who have an interest for the arts of the kitchen. Two rounds have already been conducted and will soon be uploaded onto the NAG YouTube channel. We at NAG have not sat idly during these harsh times and have instead brought new ways to entertain and teach the NAGers. Although the virus still spreads, the vaccine brings hope and with it, an end to the hardships brought by Covid.


Climbing up high


Getting her temperature checked

Hand washing station by the entrance

Day students coming back to school after very long months

Dr. Raju Khatiwada getting his vaccination