As the new month started, our regular routine went on as per usual. Classes have been going well and, as the day scholars have started regular schooling once again, we have been taking extra precautions in order to prevent the virus from getting inside NAG. The hand washing station and the mandatory mask rule have been working as no one has caught the virus. All of the older NAGers who have started going to school outside of NAG got tested for Covid however, no one was tested positive. We have also started a remote learning program in order to give quality education, not only at NAG but also to government schools in villages. A TV was set up in a school in a remote village, and our teachers have been joining in online from their homes to teach the students in a safe and effective way. In other news, extracurricular activities have also been continuing with NAG’s cooking competition taking place weekly. External judges have been visiting in order to give cooking lessons to the NAGers and judge the dishes made by the students. It’s a fun activity to occupy their minds as the virus continues to spread. However, NAG’s head nurse, Munu Lama has gotten the vaccine as she continues to work in the front lines to aid the situation and heal those who have been infected. It is a rough time for everyone around the world, yet we must continue to strive through persistence and determination as the vaccine brings hope to better the situation.