Our summer newsletter 2022 – we hope you enjoy reading it!

Update on the NAG situation

«Red Panda»-Café and Greenhouse

On 8 March 2022 the “Red Panda” café opened its doors just by the entrance to the NAG. This small café is run by NAG-ers and offers them the opportunity to get practical experience in service and cooking.  It is open to the public and serves delicious drinks, coffee, simple pastries and snacks. At the same time, the old school bus was converted into a greenhouse and now the first vegetables are growing inside, whose harvest is eagerly awaited.

Teacher training

At the beginning of March, NAG started a pilot teacher training programme for teachers from Odanaku, Kalikot, a remote area in Nepal. For five weeks, seven teachers from Kalikot came to NAG and received courses in didactics and pedagogy. Back in their village, they are now putting what they have learned into practice.  Manjita Koirala and Jessica Winsor travelled to Odanaku after the training, to see how the implementation works. The training has been very successful so far and further cooperation with (remote) schools is planned.

Sport at NAG

Sporting events and other competitions also took place again after a Corona-related absence.  At the national climbing competition, a young NAG girl, Meenisha, won 2nd place. Bravo!

Thanks to a large donation of climbing shoes from Winterthur, we can continue to climb with good quality shoes and, hopefully, achieve further top placements. We would like to thank Winterthur, as we are very happy! News from Switzerland

Two great fundraising ideas

Time and again, our donors surprise us with funny and extremely creative ideas on how to collect donations for the NAG. Last winter, for example, the carol singers went from door to door singing and collecting money despite Corona. In addition, the participation by one of our long-time NAG supporters in the Engadin ski marathon, wearing a very special outfit under the motto “snow, fun and donations”, was a complete success – he was also able to collect a considerable sum for the NAG.  Apart from the benefit of donations, such ideas also draw attention to the NAG. A big thank-you to everyone for their great, fun and creative actions!

Donations box

Corona is over, parties can be celebrated again!

If you don’t want to receive useless gifts for your celebration (birthday, anniversary, etc.), then our donation box is just the thing. You can order this free of charge from our office by e-mail or via our homepage. You will then receive a small box for collecting donations, along with flyers and decorative items, by post. You can find more information on our website.

Annual Event 22 at GZ Heuried, Zurich

This year we would like to welcome you to our NAG event on Sunday, 20.11.22 at GZ Heuried, Zurich!

Your NAG Team