On March 6th it was that time of the year again. Holi, the festival of colors, was celebrated at NAG. The festival is celebrated on the first full moon day in March and heralds the end of winter. This day is celebrated exuberantly and all barriers of caste, gender, age and social status seem to disappear. People throw and sprinkle colored water and powder on each other. These colors used to be made up of flowers, herbs and roots associated with healing powers. Nowadays, the powder mostly consists of artificial substances, which are often harmful to health. That’s why we’ve switched to natural powder at NAG a few years ago. In NAG, as in Nepal and India, Holi is a time to come together as a community and spread love, happiness and positivity. As we frolic in vibrant reds, blues, greens and yellows, we remember to appreciate the diversity and unity we share. Happy Holi everyone! Let’s celebrate and enjoy life in all its colorfulness! 🌈💥🎉