I would like to tell you the story of Samjhana and how she came to NAG.

Samjhana is a 7-year-old girl who until recently lived with her four siblings, her father and her grandmother in the hills of Nuwakot, very remotely in a simple hut. The nearest school is over an hour away on foot and the journey is arduous. Her mother, just 28 years old, died last November, a few weeks after giving birth to her youngest child. She had lost a lot of blood during childbirth and then contracted an infection from which she never recovered. NAG’s mobile clinic took the mother to the hospital in Kathmandu, yet any help came too late. NAG organized powdered milk for Samjhana’s little brother. The paternal grandmother learned from Srijana and Sangdolma, our nurses, how to prepare a baby bottle and took very loving care of her grandchildren during the last months. The father also takes care of his children. However, the family’s conditions are very simple. They live in a hut made of mud bricks, with a door made of cloth and a hole in the wall that serves as a window. The family owns a bed and a few vessels in the kitchen. In addition, the family owns a buffalo cow whose milk is given to the baby when the powder is not enough until our next visit. Two of Samjhana’s sisters could find a place in another school, the two boys are still too small for school. The NAG team has seen Samjhana a few times now and knows her story. For this reason and to avoid the risk that Samjhana could be sold, Nicole and her team decided that Samjhana should be admitted to NAG. Her father brought her to NAG last Monday, May 1st, 2023.

During my visit with Samjhana and her family, I was able to meet everyone and see how the family lives. Of course, the idea that I would have to give my daughter away at such a young age almost tore my heart apart and I think her father and her did not find it easy to say goodbye either. Nevertheless, he knows that he is doing the best for Samjhana with his decision. Samjhana is very well taken care of at NAG and will receive a good education which will enable her to take care of her family in the future. We wish Samjhana a good arrival and much joy at NAG!