In the last few months, we had the pleasure of having two very talented visitors in NAG. One was the well known climber Ola Przybysz from Poland and the other was Ross Green, a great musician from Canada.

Ola created a few new climbing routes on our own climbing wall and took the kids out to climb on some real rocks. They sure enjoyed that a lot! Also, our climbers really benefited greatly from Ola’s knowledge and tipps.

Ross not only composed a song with the kids and some great local musicians, but also created a cool music video. The song is about plastic pollution and its effects on us and our nature. It wants to create awareness about it!

Ross and Ola got to know about NAG through friends of them and then decided to combine their travels with some fun activities with the kids in NAG. We love those ideas and visitors and thank both of them for their time spent in NAG and with the kids a lot. If you have got any great talents that you want to share with the NAGers, feel free to contact us.