As part of our Teacher Training project, Ohm Thakuri traveled to the affected area shortly after the earthquake on  November 3, 2023 and also visited an area that was badly affected. Many of the inhabitants belong to the Dalit caste and are therefore very poor. It looks as if most of the village has been destroyed. Before the earthquake, there were an estimated 170-180 houses there and they are mostly destroyed now. Large NGOs have provided tents in the area and the government has provided the population with food and financial support for reconstruction. Unfortunately, winter is just around the corner and with it cold temperatures. For this reason, after Ohm’s return, NAG devised a plan to provide 500 Dalit caste families with 700 blankets, sleeping bags, hats, jackets and gloves.

Last Saturday, a team from NAG flew to the area, bought the necessary material locally and organized the transport to the villages.

You can see a few impressions in the pictures below.