The NAG Teacher Training Project is running at full speed. This year, teacher training has already taken place at four schools: in Kathmandu at the Saraswati School and the Manohara School, in Jhor at the Baudeshor School and in Dolpo. The training courses vary in length. In Kathmandu and the surrounding area they usually last 3 days, in Dolpo Jessica and Manjita were there for two weeks. The journey there is arduous and takes a long time. In addition, 16 year 12 students are involved in the NAG teacher training program. Nicole has agreed with them that all those who can continue their studies thanks to NAG will work for two months at one of the schools in the Teacher Training project in the time between their final exams and receiving their grades. They are now being trained by Myren Duval throughout the year.

Since January 2024, 66 teachers have already benefited from Teacher Training, which makes us incredibly happy and shows how wide the reach of this project already is. Demand is high and we need to consider how we use our resources.

The content of the training courses is very varied and tailored to the needs of the respective schools. At Saraswati School, for example, the focus on the first day was on the learning environment. How can you create pleasant learning environments and build a good teacher-student relationship? The second day then focused on collaborative learning and the third day on reading and reading instruction.

Jessica and Manjita have built a wonderful program and are constantly working to improve it.