During our Swiss summer holidays there is a lot going on in NAG, since the long holidays in Nepal are only in October and November.

The NiMS girls basketball team under coach Bijay Tamang won the 6th SCIBS INTER SCHOOL 3X3 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2079. Congratulations! Our girls’ hard work and dedication to basketball made this possible. Even the MVP is from the NAG team: Tina Limbu! What a great achievement. Many thanks to the SCIBS School for organizing this tournament. We look forward to being there again next year.

The chess players also successfully took part in a tournament. As the saying goes: Every chess master was once a beginner. Congratulations to Nikhil Danekhu, Jebu Tamang and Manoj Limbu for the medals they won and also a huge thank you to all the students who took part. If things go on like this, we can certainly hope for a chess grandmaster one day. Many thanks to Chandra Dai and Rajan Dangol for mentoring the students during the three-day chess tournament organized by Annapurna Secondary School.