Do you remember the post in October about the “crazy guy” Ivo Schär who cycles from Kriens to Kathmandu? Well, he has already arrived at his destination on February 19, 2023. Five weeks earlier than planned! Along the way, Ivo advertised NAG and his project “Action asked” among his family and circle of friends with great contributions.  He was able to collect over CHF 9,000.00! Shortly after his arrival, Ivo went to a bike shop in Kathmandu and got the bikes for the children himself. He ordered a total of 10 bicycles. So that children of all ages can enjoy cycling, he ordered five medium-sized bikes, three small-sized bikes and two for the younger children. The delivery arrived at NAG two weeks later and made many children’s eyes shine. To ensure that the bikes stay in good condition for a long time, Ivo has bought repair kits and is now teaching the children the necessary know-how. After his 8-month bike journey, there couldn’t be a better pro for that! We thank Ivo, his family, friends and colleagues for their generous support and now please enjoy a few impressions of this project.