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Newsletter 2020

Dear Friends of NAG – Namaste!

The year 2020 was also marked by the Corona pandemic in Nepal and at NAG. Government-imposed school closures, restricted mobility and closed shops were just a few of the problems that Nicole and the team in Kathmandu had to deal with.

A big challenge was the conversion of the school to distance learning at short notice. Because of the pandemic, the Nepalese government had decided to stop face-to-face teaching. To protect itself from the virus, NAG also closed its gates and did not allow visitors or teachers to come and go. Nevertheless, NAG found a solution within a very short time to continue teaching. The teachers were technically equipped so that they could hold lessons from home via live streaming. The ‘NAGers’ who live in the home follow lessons in the classroom on a large screen.

We have recently been allowed to teach the day students on site at NAG again, which has not been possible since March 2020. We hope that this will continue, as the day students suffer particularly from the Corona measures. At home, they often do not have the appropriate environment and infrastructure to participate in distance learning. In addition, the day students receive a hot lunch when they attend school at NAG, which is a great relief for poor families, in particular.

The government’s measures also hit the local population and the families of our day students hard. Since public life was completely shut down in the beginning and is still restricted now, many local people lost their jobs. However, the population did not receive any compensation from the government, which caused hardship for many families. NAG helped, and still helps, families with donations of food or money, so that they can continue to pay the rent for their flats, for example. NAG also provided financial support to nurses, some of whom were no longer paid by the hospitals, despite their hard work.

The Corona pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works of our construction plans. We could not finish work on the northern part of the school building as planned, because all construction work in Nepal had to be stopped as well. As soon as the situation improves, we will finish the school building, as planned. As previously communicated, the new part of the school building will include classrooms, a staff room and toilets, so that teachers will no longer have to share them with students.

Despite all the precautionary measures, the virus could not be completely kept away from NAG. In September, all residents were tested for Coronavirus. A few tests were positive, but fortunately none of those affected had severe cases of the disease, from which we have also been spared to date.

Despite everything, after a long wait, we received our first electric vehicle at the end of 2020. Our old minibus, which we used to transport smaller groups, urgently needed to be replaced. Even though electric vehicles are not yet widely used in Nepal, we wanted to focus on a sustainable solution and therefore ordered an electric vehicle already in 2019. Unfortunately, the delivery was delayed by more than a year. All the more amazing and gratifying that it suddenly materialised in the middle of the Corona crisis. This electric vehicle has been in use for a few weeks, working reliably and without any problems so far.

Even though we were unable to realise numerous plans in 2020 and had to improvise a lot, we hope all the more that normality will return this year. Either way, we can only continue the work thanks to your support. We sincerely thank you for this and your trust in us. Especially in times of crisis, like now, the population in Nepal is particularly dependent on support and we will continue to do our best with NAG in 2021, to help as many people in need as possible, even outside of NAG. On behalf of Nicole, all NAG staff and the Foundation Board, we wish everyone a happy and successful year.

Important: our traditional NAG event will take place this year on 29 August 2021, as always, in Horgen. You will receive the invitation and the program in due course.

On behalf of the NAG – Foundation

Nicole Thakuri-Wick, Foundress NAG

Sophie Winkler, President of the foundation NAG

May 18th, 2021|

Newsletter 2019

Dear friends of NAG – Namaste!

The year 2019 has flown by and a lot has happened again at NAG. This includes construction work, sporting successes, help in remote villages and the fight against plastic waste.

The constant replacement and restoration of old buildings at NAG continued in 2019. The northern part of the school building is one of the few buildings that we have not yet replaced since we purchased the land. The building part was dilapidated and has not been used for a long time, for safety reasons. Thanks to donations from Switzerland, we are now able to rebuild the second part of the school building and in the future we will also be able to provide adequate infrastructure for the teaching staff. This includes a teachers’ room as well as toilets, which the teachers do not have to share with pupils. The old building has already been demolished and work on the new building is progressing rapidly, so that we can, hopefully, inaugurate it in the course of 2020.

This year we were also able to open the new art room on the roof of the girls’ dormitory. Thanks to the help of Andrew Gray and the financial support of the International School of Zug and Lucerne, we now have the right premises to offer appropriate drawing and art lessons for all classes. Andrew Gray himself taught at NAG for half a year. Under his guidance, the ”NAGers” painted many great works of art; our grateful thanks for this!

Sports activities are very important for the children and young people. While the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams continue to win many tournaments, our climbing team is now also becoming more and more successful. Only a few years ago, sport climbing was mostly unknown in NAG (and also in Nepal), but now there is a real boom: In 2019 NAG even provided the Nepalese champion in climbing. Since the sport is becoming increasingly popular, we have expanded the climbing wall at NAG. Now there are overhanging parts to the wall and, therefore, it is a challenge for the more experienced climbers among the ”NAGers”. These successes are great for the children. The most important thing for us, though, is that the children have the opportunity to learn and try things out. Especially for the weaker school pupils, this gives them the opportunity to find an activity in which they are strong and can build up self-confidence. We, therefore, also offer numerous other extracurricular activities.

However, the focus is of course still on the actual school education. Our goal remains the same: to provide education to children who would have no chance without NAG. In 2019, we have also taken in numerous children. Around 200 children are currently attending the internal school and living at NAG; 250 more attend school as day students and return home in the evening.

NAG’s own mobile clinic was again on the road in the remote villages. Our doctor and nurses are constantly providing practical and medical assistance in these villages, whose inhabitants otherwise would not have access to basic medical care, due to their remoteness. Even today, there is still little medical care in the distant areas and the mobile clinic makes an important contribution to providing for the population’s most basic needs.

NAG also committed to the fight against plastics in 2019. In order to protect the environment and avoid waste, NAG will use as little plastic as possible. Numerous measures contribute to this; for example, NAG no longer uses plastic bags and most recently its toothbrushes are not made of plastic either; the first consignment of bamboo toothbrushes arrived shortly before Christmas. At first glance, this seems like a small measure. With a consumption of 2000 toothbrushes per year, it makes a difference.

We can only do the work in Nepal thanks to your generous support, dear NAG friends! Also in 2019 we have received numerous donations, which have all made it possible for us even to help the children in Nepal at all. We thank you very much for your great trust in our commitment.

On behalf of Nicole, all NAG employees and the Foundation Board, we wish you all a happy and successful New Year.

Make sure to make a note of our NAG annual event: this year it will take place on 22 March 2020 in Horgen.

In the name of the NAG-council,

Nicole Thakuri-Wick, Gründerin NAG

Sophie Winkler,  Präsidentin des NAG-Stiftungsrats

March 5th, 2020|

Yearly Letter 2018

Dear friends and supporters of NAG – Namaste

25 years of NAG!

2018 was the year of anniversary celebrations in Switzerland and Nepal. For the last 25 years, Nicole Thakuri Wick and her team have built up NAG in Nepal and the NAG foundation Switzerland. This great achievement was celebrated at the NAG event in May in Horgen as well as during a great anniversary party in Kathmandu in September.
2018 was a year with changes within the board of the foundation: the president of the board, Romedius Alber, handed over to Sophie Winkler and Eliane Gallati to Roland Melliger. The NAG family would like to thank Romedius Alber and Eliane Gallati for their great support of NAG in the last years! In autumn, we welcomed Nicole Steck as new board member – she replaces Judith Wick, who will function as president of honor. With the new foundation board, we aim to lead the way into a successful and sustainable future of NAG. There are some challenges ahead – but we will tackle them together!
The festivities in Kathmandu included a theatre play, a “Hollywood” theme party and, of course, a disco for the kids. The NAGers dressed as movie characters (see picture below), they played different games and, for once, were allowed to eat sweets. It was great fun for everyone and will for sure be a long lasting memory.
Some of the celebrations in NAG took place in the new dining hall, which was finally opened in April 2018. Thanks to the great support from Switzerland, the new two-floors dining hall with an integrated kitchen can be used by the NAGers. In addition, and with hands-on support from Switzerland, some of the old sanitary facilities (toilets and showers) were renovated in November and a new water tank is under construction.
In particular, the new kitchen means big step forward: the NAG employees are now able to cook the 400 meals in a large kitchen with a (quite) modern cooking station and have appropriate storage rooms available. No heavy pots of rice need to be carried anymore, which means a great relief for everyone.
Despite these highlights, NAG keeps focusing on helping the poorest in Nepal as such help is still necessary. Unfortunately, Nepal is only making little progress in terms of fighting poverty and unemployment or providing social welfare. In 2018, we welcomed many new children at NAG who would not have had a chance of education otherwise.

The NAG mobile clinic went back to remote villages. Our doctors and nurses continue to provide medical assistance to people living in remote places as the villages who are still suffering from the damages of the earthquake.
All of this is only possible because of your generous support, dear NAG friends and supporters. On behalf of all the children, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust. And wish you all a fulfilled 2019 with many wonderful moments – Dhanyabad!

In the name of the NAG-foundation,

Nicole Thakuri-Wick
Founder of NAG

Sophie Winkler
President of the NAG-foundation

Yearly Letter 2018 English
Jahresbrief 2018 Deutsch

January 22nd, 2019|

Annual Report 2017

Dear friends and supporters of Nawa Asha Griha

As we enter the 25th year of NAG we look back at its development over the many years from the beginning when we were sleeping on the floor of one room in a rough area till having our own home on the outskirts of the city. This has only been made possible thanks to your continued loyal support.
It has been most rewarding witnessing NAGers coming from the streets and slums developing their individual talents and also having the chance of following further studies. Some also founding their own families and themselves supporting NAG.
Our own registered clinic is staffed by Nag Doctors and nurses. Thanks to the separate donation of a Clinic car they also provide medical and practical support to remote villages destroyed by the earthquakes.

The NAG kitchen is now run by chef Soran, one of the first NAGers who studied hotel management and worked abroad. He has now returned to help in NAG’s kitchen, in addition giving cooking classes to the NAGers. As the dining and kitchen buildings were in need of repair we were fortunate in receiving generous support enabling us now to rebuild and provide a higher standard of equipment for the staff.

On the recreation side the children continue to use the various sport opportunities offered including basketball, cricket, table tennis and climbing with a Nager, winning 2nd in the Nepali climbing competition.

In addition to sport creativity continues to flourish. Impressive talent is shown in various forms of art, acting, dancing, singing also dressmaking and carpentry.

It is most rewarding witnessing the development of the younger children in the home who are well cared for by the nannies, attend kindergarten and are allowed to advance at their own individual pace.

The volunteers and visitors witnessing life in NAG have also been a good source of PR for us, returning to their homes and recounting their experiences. Some also having private fundraising events for the home.

WE would like to send our appreciation for your unwavering trust in our commitment and wishing all a most happy new year when we will celebrate NAG’s 25th anniversary

Nicole, NAG staff and members of the foundation

Advanced notice:
The annual NAG-Event will be held on Sunday, 27th May 2018 in Horgen. Detailed information in April

Lettre Annuell 2017
Lettera Annuale 2017
NAG-Jahresbrief 2018
NAG Yearly Letter 2018

January 17th, 2018|

Annual Report 2016

Dear sponsors, donors and friends of NAG

Last year, having reported about one of the most difficult years ever in the over 20 year history of NAG, we continue looking with more hope toward the future. The earthquakes in 2015 plus the border blockades Autumn ‘15 until March ‘16 left their scars, however the situation has relatively normalised during the past year.

Although the NAG buildings withstood last year’s earthquakes, we plan to replace the original old structures left from the previous owners, which are becoming instable.

Our separate Earthquake fund continues supporting the remote villages. Thanks to our mobile clinic bus, donated by ISZL, the NAG medical team visits these affected areas ( weather allowing) giving medical aid, health instruction and family planning information. These people also appreciate receiving blankets and clothes for the cold weather. The officially registered NAG clinic is led by our Dr Sapana with Sister Munu and her team of NAG nurses. Thanks to such help they were also able to save the lives of a pregnant village woman and her baby. When major medical problems arise the patients are transported to Kathmandu hospital and their medical costs covered.

Thanks to your generous support NAG continues providing 200 children a safe home, family atmosphere, education and a chance for the future. The additional 150 day students attending the school also receive a daily nourishing meal, uniforms and medical treatment. We also offer support to some local schools, helping our integration in the community.

The NAGer’s results in the state examinations, were most impressive proving our Niten memorial school standard equals that of top Kathmandu. schools! Our SLC Class pass was 100% and 12 Class pass 95%! Now thanks to donated laptops from ISZL we are able to offer Computer Program courses.

In addition to the school curriculum the children have a varied choice of other freetime activities to choose from not available in public schools. They include art, pottery, music (including a NAG choir) chess, carpentry, mechanics and welding. A sewing class has also started thanks to donated sewing machines. Sport is very popular with basketball, football, cricket plus training on our new climbing wall with the NAG climbers competing in Kathmandu events.

All this has only been made possible thanks to loyal help over all the years from donors, sponsors and helpers. Also the many visitors including those from various corners of the globe carrying their impression back home. The children enjoy such visitors, making new friends and some even meeting their sponsors. Maybe we’ll see some of you in NAG during the coming year?

Wishing you all the best of health, luck and a very happy New Year also “Namaste” on behalf of Nicole and the NAGers.

NAG foundation members

Annual Report in French
Annual Report in English
Annual Report in German

Prior notice

The annual NAG-Event will be held SUNDAY 7th May 2017 in Horgen. Invitations following in March and will be published on our homepage.

January 15th, 2017|

Annual report 2015

Namaste dear Sponsors and friends of NAG

The past year in Nepal has been one of chaos and corruption: geologically, politically and humanely.

However NAG has managed to survive, being pre-warned and prepared for such a disaster by our NAG vice president Dr Frederic Perrier carrying out geophysical Sur- veys for the Nepal government. Consequently all our NAGers reacted as trained for this emergency and the Home remained intact. Sleeping in tents outside the build- ings was an “adventure” for most, especially the small children!

However the extent of human suffering in Nepal is indescribable and apart from constructional damage the loss of human lives is tragic, becoming more so as winter has arrived and the homeless are left to freeze to death in the elements! The governmental corruption plus border conflicts with India have added to the country sinking into chaos with no end in sight!

Nicole and her NAGers are coping with the crisis in every possible way. Some actions are unfortunately necessary i.e.: having to buy wood over the thriving “Black Market”. This is necessary to cook one warm meal daily for over 300 children. The de-forestation if continues could result in an ecological disaster! Also buying “Black Market” Petrol for the NAG Mobile Clinic and school bus (transporting the day scholars to NAG from Bodanath). As medical supplies are unobtainable in Nepal NAG sends older NAG boys over the border to purchase these in India!

The NAG Mobile Clinic with our Dr Sapana, Nurse Munu and helpers continue tra- veling to destroyed remote villages, which are ignored by the government and the outside world. They bring material and medical assistance. This assistance is funded separately by our special NAG “Earthquake Fund”.

On the home front we are happy to report all children are happy in their safe surroundings and also a great success of SLC (School leaving certificates) over 90% this is a record when one considers the average of passes in Kathmandu is mid 40%.

Thanks to all for your loyal support, enabling us to continue giving HOPE to all these children, otherwise ignored and despised by Nepali society.

Danyabat – Thank you! 
With the best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016!

Nicole Thakuri-Wick, NAGers and the foundation board

The annual NAG event will be held Sunday 10th April in Horgen. Invitations following early March.

Annual report 2015

February 14th, 2016|
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